Friday 27th November 2015,

Write For Us!

Are you a writer or journalist? Would you like to become one? Are you looking for a journalism internship in the Inland Empire with a GROWING publication on the digital frontier (where all the jobs are)?

LinkedIn reports that the Internet and online publishing are the fastest growing industries! Newspapers? They’re the fastest shrinking!

If so we’re looking for you!

There’s so much happening in the Inland Empire and Southern California that it would be a shame not to share it with our  neighbors in this region we call home. From events and reviews to trends and local festivals, with dozens of categories to choose from, you’re an expert on something. Tell us what it is!

Besides, internships for print publications may not be leading to many jobs, from what we hear. The paid staff are seeking to keep their jobs, with little room for growth. The growing is going on here- online- exactly where you’re finding this job opening.

If you’re selected, you’ll have the opportunity to write content that people are reading, more than any website of this kind in the region. Join our team today!

We do not accept submissions from “guest bloggers” or others with content that does not relate to the Inland Empire or Southern California.

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