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Hangar 24 3rd Anniversary

 Review – Dated, June 11, 2011 

Hangar 24 celebrated their 3rd Anniversary, though this was no ordinary third birthday. While many breweries are still trying to find their bearings at this young age, Hangar 24 is “flying high” (sorry for the pun) as the fastest growing brewery in America, according to their primary tour guide. As evidence of that growth, Hangar recently announced that they are being distributed by a regional Anheuser-Busch distributor.

Hangar 24 Staff and Ben's Wife

Hangar 24 Staff and Jessica Cook (Ben's Wife)

This growth could not have been more evident at their third anniversary, which was held both inside the Hangar 24 brewery but also outside in their newly expanded parking lot, complete with a gigantic tent that featured live music and tasting tables throughout. The 3rd Anniversary ale was certainly a surprise- a sour blond- not even close to the IPA that website predicted (our apologies). With a total of 25 beers on tap (their highest ever), the full list included:

  • Rye India Black Ale
  • 3rd Anniversary Ale
  • 2010 Polycot
  • Imperial Stout Experimental
  • 2010 Oktoberfest
  • Berliner Weiss Experimental
  • 2nd Anniversary Ale
  • 2011 Small Stout
  • 2010 Winter Warmer
  • Coffee Imperial Stout Experimental
  • 2010 Immelmann
  • AHA Belgian India Black Ale
  • 2010 Pro-Am IPA
  • 2nd Anniversary Ale with Brettanomyces
  • 2010 Chocolate Porter
Andy from Gourmet Pizza Shoppe

Andy from Gourmet Pizza Shoppe

Spotted among the crowd were some of Hangar’s usual celebrities, from the regular staff at the tasting room that provide that have provided the suds for years to Jessica Cook, the owner’s wife, who informed us that she had organized the 3rd Anniversary celebration (no east feat). Another “celeb” from Redland’s favorite Gourmet Pizza Shoppe was Andy who was serving up pizza by the slice. You may remember Andy from the Gourmet Pizza Shoppe article on this site.

The only downside of this event is that it was a victim of its own success with parking stretching down Seasums Dr. to E. Pioneer Ave. According to our  calculations, that puts the walk back to the car at 3/4 of a mile. To the best of our knowledge, there are no easy solutions to this as parking is rarely needed in this area.

In any event, the celebration was well-attended and well executed. With growth at this rate, we’re wondering what the Hangar 24 4th Anniversary will look like.

Preview – Dated May 1, 2011

Hangar 24 Brewery in Redlands will celebrate their Third Anniversary on Saturday, June 11, 2011 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., at their headquarters adjacent to the Redlands Airport. The only official information is on their website and on Twitter. There will be a large tent in the parking lot andfestivities ocuring inside as well.

It seems like just yesterday that Hangar 24 Brewery in Redlands sprouted up from no where. Then again, for some, it’s hard to believe the success that Hangar 24 has witnessed in just three short years. Whatever your perspective, there’s no better place to be on June 11 than the loud, indoor metal (and now outdoor, table filled) brewery that has put Redlands on the brewing map with beer fans, local folks, cyclists, and people young and old who appreciate a great glass of their famous Orange Wheat or numerous other offerings.

Hangar 24 3rd Anniversary Logo

Hangar 24 3rd Anniversary Logo

It may be hard to believe, but Hangar 24 is distributed only in Southern California. This is not by choice- word is that Hangar 24 is working on increasing production to meet the rapidly expanding demand. The only question is whether Hangar will beat Stone to distribute across the nation and into Europe within just a few years.

Looking back on this last year, you’ll see many new offerings at Hangar 24: Patio Beer (Hoppy session beer brimming with fresh hop aroma and flavor. Only 4% alcohol), 2010: Pro-Am IPA (Rich malt complexity. Huge hop aroma and flavor from six different types of hops. A West Coast classic!) and Double IPA (Hangar 24 style beer, with double the hops!). Often times, Hangar releases one of their Friday casks to impress the locals with great taste (the key is to show up early, as the keg is often dry by 6 p.m. on Fridays). Check their Facebook page and news page to keep an eye on their regular offerings.

Hangar 24 Taps

Hangar 24 Taps

For the past two years, Hangar has released impressive anniversary brews. For their 1st Anniversary, Hangar released an ale: Imperial Blood Orange Wheat (Vivid flavors and aroma of tart, grapefruit-like local Blood Oranges. High alcohol content and assertive wheat tanginess to back it up.). For their 2nd Anniversary, Hangar released a Belgian Caramel Apple (A complex unfiltered golden Belgian ale. Aromas of Belgian yeast, cloves and fresh cider with a slightly sweet caramel flavor.) There’s no word yet what the Third Anniversary will bring, but I put my vote in for something hoppy, as their Double IPA has been quite a hit throughout the Inland Empire, though I’m waiting for a glass of whatever they brew up, no matter what the style. We spoke with the head brewer, Kevin, who could not provide any hints for us on what the special brew might be.

Entrance is 100% free- just come after 12 p.m. to the big tent in the parking lot! Keep an eye on the news page of Hangar 24 for the latest announcements.

Below is a video to take you back to that First Anniversary.

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