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Bock Fest 2013

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Bock Fest 2013

**Photo/editorial review**

If the organizers of Bockfest 2013 learned anything from their event on Jan. 26, 2013, it better be that they’re going to need a bigger venue. So many people came out to try all the Bocks and other beer sampled that the event’s success was obvious.

Bockfest was packed, and it’s a testament to the popularity of beer in Los Angeles. On hand were a DJ and live band to provide tunes, multiple breweries sampling beer, and chefs and restaurants providing culinary samples. Another beer contest was held, and by the crowd’s reaction the winner was surely a beer lover’s favorite.

Arena Nightclub is a sizable and convenient venue, but it looks like Bockfest was bursting at the seams. We’ll see where Bockfest 2014 takes place, but make sure to put it on your things to do list, as it’s one of L.A.’s more popping beer festivals.

Check out our pictures below, and keep an eye out for Bockfest 2014.

**Original article published December 26, 2012**

Beer has spanned the centuries just like the concept of royalty, and Bock Fest 2013 gives us all the chance to bockfestdrink like a king on Saturday, January 26.

When the second annual Bock Fest hits Hollywood, it’s set to feature the best German Bock beers and other “Winter Warmers” from around the world. Last year’s Bock Fest sold out of tickets in less than a week, so act fast to make sure you don’t miss out.

imagesHollywood is an international city on its own, but Bock Fest will enhance that reputation with unique brewers from around the globe. Whether Inland Empire Breweries make a visit, who knows. But you can find out as tickets are an affordable $25 for general admission. You’ll get your own souvenir glass mug as a gift.

Bocks are known as a strong lager, originally from Germany. Many try to make it, and some come out on top with their¬† finished product. Fireman’s Brew won the crown at last year’s Bock Fest, and the San Fernando Valley brewery is aiming to make it back-to-back at this year’s event.

But while you may not be an expert beer judge that picks the Winter Beer Champion (that judging panel is set to include imageshhcelebrities, beer experts, and master brewers), you’ll still be able to have your say as a judge for the people’s choice champion award. Drinking samples of Bock beers and choosing your favorite? Sounds like a good time.

Set your calendar for January 26, 2013 and make sure to clear your afternoon. The event runs from 1pm to 5pm, and is set to be held at Arena Nightclub, located at 6655 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90038.

You can get more information, and your tickets, by visiting

Below is a list of participating breweries, which will be updated as names are released.

  1. Beverly Hills Beer
  2. Bruvado
  3. Tequila Azul Imperial
  4. Lagunitas Brewing Company
  5. Birra Moretti
  6. Ruhstaller Sacramento’s Beer
  7. OMER. Blond
  8. Affligem Beer
  9. Boutique Sake
  10. Meantime London Porter
  11. Firemans brew blonde
  12. Firemans brunette
  13. Firemans the redhead
  14. Golden Road Hefeweizen
  15. ACE – Premium Hard Ciders
  16. Ventura Limoncello – Limonweizen
  17. Golden Road Berliner Weisse
  18. Weihenstephan Vitus Weizenbock
  19. Weihenstephan Korbinian Doppelbock
  20. Bellegems Bruin
  21. St. Feuillen Ale
  22. Gordon Biersch
  23.  Air (sparkling beverage)
  24. Black Star Beer
  25. Weihenstephan
  26. Helios Rum
  27. Food Should Taste Good
  28. La Trappe
  29. Eurobrew
  30. RND Vodka
  31. PINKS Hot Dogs
  32. Texas Chili Pie Company
  33. Xingu Black Beer
  34. Holy Grail
  35. Yanjing Beer
  36. Mortiz
  37. Moosbacher
  38. Hogoblin
  39. Rince Cachon
  40. Gavroche
  41. 3 Monts
  42. Fireman’s Brew
  43. Laginitas
  44. Black Star
  45. Chocolate Shop Wine
  46. Innstadt barock dunkel
  47. Innstadt hefe
  48. Unnstadt doppel bock
  49. Innstadt schwarz
  50. Innstadt Weissen Bock
  51. Rieder XXX
  52. Rieder Festbock
  53. Rieder Dunkel
  54. Rieder Classic
  55. Rieder Maerzen
  56. Schlagl Doppel Bock
  57. Schlagl Urquell
  58. Schlagl Pils
  59. Schlagl Malz Konig

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