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Are you looking at this site? So are your customers!

With over 170,000 pageviews a month, your potential customers are turning to us to find out about things to do in the Inland Empire and Southern California. Are they finding you?

We’re transparent

Unlike some websites, we believe in transparency. That is why we treat our website like an open book, with each page displaying the number of Facebook Likes, Tweets and Google +1 actions

In fact, we’ve allowed to track the number of visitors, though their numbers lag about 50% below Google Analytics, which apparently is more effective at ensuring its hidden tag is read by each and every visitor. Ask us for our Google Analytics numbers and we’ll be glad to show you that we’re now a leading source for inland entertainment news.

Spend your advertising dollars wisely!

If you’re advertising elsewhere, you might want to check if you’re getting your money’s worth by looking at We started in early 2011 and have grown exponentially since then.

Our readers are ready to spend

Our readers are sophisticated, educated and have money to spend on their entertainment budget. Their only question is “where” should they spend it and what they should spend it on. Will you be there for that conversation? We look forward to finding select advertisers that fit in with our demographic and followers!

We’re cost effective

We can work with advertising budgets, large and small. Advertising is available on the top of our site, the sidebar, and in articles. We’re glad to target advertising to just those categories that would be of interest to your potential customers.

Advertising Availability


Leaderboard – Above the article title / below navigation bar 728 x 90
Medium Rectangle Article – Top of page above article but below article title 250 x 300
Medium Rectangle Sidebar – Top of page, right side 250 x 300
Medium Rectangle Below Article – Below article in left side of page 250 x 300
Medium Rectangle Sidebar Middle – Middle of page, right side 250 x 300
Mobile Leaderboard  – Above article, shown only to mobile browsers 320 x 50

Contact us today to find out if advertising on this site will attract follows to your business, organization or events! 

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